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One of my beloved photos from my latest assignment in Preveza prefecture.

Published TODAY 26/10 in TRAVELBOOK magazine which comes with Ethnos Newspaper.
There are a lot of interesting articles and great pictures of Arta, and Preveza including my own work.

TRAVELBOOK magazine, is the top Greek Travel magazine.


Many thanks to my co-parteners Ilectra, Iraklis, Giorgos and Lambros.
in Thessaloniki / Greece another view from the famous village of Naousa located in Paros Island in the Aegian, Cyclades group. The famous Harilaou Trikoupi Bridge (also known as Rio Antirio bridge) which binds western Peloponnese, with the rest of Greece. A part of Naousa port in Paros island. Pelada is the Greek name for these small coloured wooden houses which are used as base camps by fishermen.</p>

<p>Pelades are located in Tourlida sea-lake south of Mesologgi in Etoloakarnania prefecture.</p>

<p>see map below. can you see the heart?
its beating i'm telling you.. in Sounion / Greece
Stelios  Kritikakis on 500px